BitFenix Conjures Ghost Case Wrapped in Noise Dampening Materials



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A $99 case without a side window? NEXT! P.S. you buy your own foam.



Its a noise dampening case... a side window would defeat that purpose.



Exactly. Having a cutout with a window mounted would be an area that is not covered by the sound dampening. It's not a 'show case', so much as you could compare it to a sleeper car. That medoicre looking old Honda Civic that is so heavily modded inside you'd think it was a Transformer. It's a well proportioned case as well, so there's plenty you could do with it.
The $99 price tag is great as well. Though you 'could' buy your own foam, they used more than standard foam and have this put together in a specific fashion. This is NOT an amateur job.


zaphodbeeblebrox 42

last times u guys gave release dates for a bitfenix case (prodigy) it was 2 months later before i saw ANY available



I think I'll just stick with my arctic white Define R4 thank you. The Ghost looks good enough, but Fractal's build quality has really amazed me!



having the power/reset buttons right next to the usb plugs zone looks like and accident waiting to happen--not smart design.



Wow. I am putting together a build right now and I was going to just go with the Corsair 400R which is another $99 case.

I'm not sure if an actual review will come out in time for me to choose between the two cases but I will keep my eyes peeled.



Honestly, I'm using a HAF932 Advanced right now, and am considering buying this thing for my modding case. It's not much smaller than the HAF, and the smooth look with sound dampening materials is just bonus for me.

The internals are sufficient as well, and appear well organized with a sleek uniform look. My only issue would be the stock cooling and cooling options. It comes with two 120mm fans, 1 intake, 1 exhaust. This, to me, isn't enough. Sure I can buy more, and there is a reasonable amount of space to add more, but at least 1 more included fan would have been nice. There is room for two optical drive and a fan controller, plus 3 SSD and 4 HDD. Not too shabby.
The added light strip rail on the bottom is a nice touch for flair as well.
For $99, this is a great case as first glance! I'd love to see/hear how the sound dampening really works though in a nice review. I could say more, but isn't that what the writers on this site are for? ^_~



A great looking case at a good price.



That is a pretty sweet case. I haven't looked at many desktop cases but it's good to see slots for notebook drives with a view to installing SSDs. Plus with all the features, $99 seems like a steal.




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