BitDefender Update Bricks Windows 64-Bit Installs



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Hi everyone! On behalf of BitDefender, I want to let you know that the
issue with Windows 64 bit OS experienced on Saturday was isolated and
the update withdrawn shortly afterwards. Very few users have been
affected and we are very sorry for any problems caused.

again, we invite our customers still experiencing issues to access the
solution that can be found here:

if there are any unexpected situations, please contact our support team
directly via email, chat, phone or forum:

you for your understanding!


I Jedi

That's scary to me. Not only did I almost get Bitdefender again, but I was planning to update to 64-bit W7 :S



Sorry to be off topic...but I want that wallpaper in the photo. Anyone know where to get it?



You can grab it here -

-Paul Lilly



I use BitDefender and it almost killed my RAID0 config.  Good thing for me that I had just imaged my HDD the night before do to a hardware upgrade.  So I just went back to that image, uninstalled that crap=BD, and put on Nortons from my ISP.  I have a 2 year subscription with Bitdefender too, but I won't be loading it until they get their act together.  I was like WT2s is a Trojan.FakeAlert.5, I was pissed. 



Norton is in no way better than BitDefender. Many viruses and malware programs are written to evade Norton and McAfee.



Folks are getting all upset when Norton's is mentioned.  All I'm saying is that I've had BitDefender for like 3 years and they've crippled my system with updates more than just this time.  Something is always buggy with their suite. I use my PC for lots of crap, and I can't afford for them to kill my rig with bad QC.  I've used Trend Micro IS, AVG IS, and pretty much all of the free stuff before I settled on BitDefender.  When it work properly, it is good, but it's buggy way too often for a paid subscription software.  And most malware is written to take out Windows.  They could give a shit about what AV you use.  Security holes, vulnerabilities in IE, or whatever MS may have on a PC.  Target=MS



 Norton is such garbage! They have an amazing marketing department though as they seem to be used by almost every business...


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