BitDefender Points Finger at Social Networking as Biggest Mobile Malware Threat



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The internet is at the moment the best place to host a business and to advertize it. Social media is provides a ground for social network marketing that has an impact on millions of people. But because social media is so widely used, hackers will always try to exploit it for their own good. Along with the development of social media networks, security strategies are being developed as well. Let's hope the antiviruses will stay one step ahead of the pesky mallware.



It's amazing how malware manages to affect so many different phone platforms. You have to consider one phone may have a different OS (Symbian, Windows Phone, proprietary Linux variant, completely proprietary OS) and CPU platform (usually ARM or proprietary). The engineers of the OS need to "sandbox" the browser--there's absolutely no reason for the browser on a phone to get a hold of the rest of the system.



It's your account on Facebook that gets infected, not your computer, so you really don't need to adjust code to have it infect different systems. Facebook needs to quit sitting on their hands and take responsibility for protecting their clients. I'm just glad that when I saw this, I ignored it.

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