BioWare Lays Off Staff After Star Wars: The Old Republic Loses 1/4 Of Its Subscribers



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I'd say your TS buds have it right. Bioware relied too much on the strength of the IP and not enough on gameplay. Worse, they focused most of their development energy into full voice-overs and linear storylines -- which is pretty interesting for the first couple of days, but wears thin quickly. Ever started reading a book or watching a movie and really liked the first few minutes, but about a quarter of the way through you realize it's pretty much shit? That's SWTOR. Honestly, EQ1 is a far superior MMO, dated graphics notwithstanding.

After a few weeks of SWTOR, I began to realize that it was a themepark of the worst sort. Sure, there were lots of rides, but they were really all the same ride painted in different colors. There's not a dime's worth of difference between the character classes at higher levels, and everything is strictly channelized: Go here, do this. Good! Now go there and do that. Gooood! Here's a lightsaber-shaped cookie. Now go over there...

Exciting stuff... if you're twelve years old.



I played star wars until level 42, then it just got boring like any other MMO.

The current MMO formula just isn't working for me.



I thoroughly enjoyed SWTOR right up until end game. There just isn't enough to do, everything becomes very boring and repetitive, battlegrounds was fun for a bit.



I played it during the free trial, but it didn't wow me. As someone who played a lot of Star Wars Galaxies when it was going (before they changed it to make it no fun), it seemed kind of similar, but way more basic. It just wanted to do more. I don't think I always look for the same thing as the typical MMORPG player, so it's not a surprise.

1/4 doesn't seem like all that much. It's not uncommon for me to not play past the first free month.



I agree. I was a long time SWG player until they ruined it with the combat upgrade expansion. The size and custom features of SWG was way better than SWTOR. I liked the actual combat of SWTOR but the areas were too small and the game lacked the true Star Wars feel.



I play SWTOR and enjoy it very much. Been playing since beta.

Just ome of the things I wish would be added are:

1) Group space missions
2) Queue up multiple crafting resource gathering missions like you can when crafting items... 5 per companion.
3) Guild space stations like STO just added.
3) Free pizza ;)



I've been playing since Beta weekends and still love it! It does need somethings fixed and somethings added. But it still rocks when you have good people to play with, you know that MMO thing usually shouldn't be played as a single player game.



I played SWTOR for the first 2 months and then dropped my subscription for D3. Now I'm really considering dropping D3 after being disappointed in it's end game to go back to SWTOR until Guildwars 2 or Torchlight 2 comes out.

If SWTOR was 5$ a month I would never have dropped it, it's just at 15$ a month it's kind of expensive for something that doesn't get played all the time. I'm really just a Final Fantasy 11 vet looking for a new home lol.

For the 2 months that I played SWTOR it was a lot of fun. I just made some mistakes (picked a server with light population that never got better) that next time I will avoid.

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