BioWare and Mythic Merge to Form RPG Supergroup, Mythic Founder Leaves



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A: Mark has been a great dude but he knows whats what. Hes been making MMOs for so long, it isn't a shock that he would give up the reins.

B: What sense does it make for a company to have 2 whole and separate MMO companies. Combining them makes them share talent and resources- I think thats a smart move. Paul Barnett on the new Star Wars MMO or some of the guys from Bioware working on WAR, interesting.

That's really I have to comment on. Probably won't change anything really with WAR as WAR has been on a great roadmap so far. 3 massive patches that dwarf anything I have seen in Camelot's days did a looot of good (well, larger except full on retail expansions). I just wonder what the new combination would be called.



All Free major additions to the game that were major strides for DAoC at the time.



My Jaw litterally just fell the the floor when I heard this news. I been playing BioWare games since Baldurs Gate. And I've been playing Mythics origional MMO baby Dark Age of Camelot on and off for 7 years since February of 2002 and this is either really really good news or really really bad news I was truly afraid for Mythic after EA aquired them dreading something like what happened to Westwood studio's where their staff and IP was gobbled up and canabalized and the studio disbanded but maybe just maybe Bioware can give Mythic the much needed stimp pack injection *nay* rather injection of RPG infused anabolic steroids that Mythic needs to get back on stage again and deliver us some great gaming moments. BTW if you think the RvR in Warhammer Online is an even remotely cool take on PvP you should try the origional Dark Age of Camelot for some great fights whether it be keep or relic sieging with 3 realms of 300+ people each, or some really great 8v8 fights its an experience you have to try.

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