BioWare’s Muzyka: PC Games Need to be More Accessible



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They sure as hell don't need to be more accessible. They need to be better in quality. I want to be awed when I play a game. Lately I've played maybe 2 or 3 that actually had good graphics. I say good because PS3 games just blow PC games out the door. I don't know how powerful the PC3 processor is, but it sure as hell isn't as powerful as my Q6700 quad processor. I sure as hell hope not.

 Maybe if these rip off OEMs stop flooding the market with these overpriced pieces of crap (Always with extra added programs that nobody needs) and start using quality parts, people wouldn't be buying these consoles. People buy these consoles because they're sick of being ripped off knowing their PC will be out of date in 4 years. Who the hell wants to upgrade RAM and Video Cards? Probably more than half of America doesn't know how to install such hardware. And who wants to pay Best Buy $75 just to look at the computer. I'm telling ya, I'm really getting sick of the PC erra right now. I can build a PC with water cooling that will last me 10 years and play any game for the next 10 years for as much as these piece of crap OEMs sell for.



First of all, games freaking suck for the PC now. It use to be that games came out on PC first and then maybe to the console. Now it's the total opposite. PC is lucky to get two 9.0 out of 10.0 rated games a year. Have you seen the games for the PS3 yet? They blow any PC game out the water. I don't know if it has something to do with the PS3 using blue-ray or not, but PC games need to step it up a notch.

 Think about when you goto the store and buy a game. You have two choices for buying that game. You can buy the CD-ROM version, or the DVD version. If you buy the CD-ROM version, then usually you get more CDs, as apposed to 1 DVD. Why the hell can't PC games just make multiple DVDs? Its freakin reatarded how we have to wait for blue-ray players to be standarnd on the PC now. I don't understand the gaming industry one bit. Stop worrying about panzy OEM computers and start focusing on people who actually spend the money on quality.

They alraedy offer games with graphics cards. If there's no money in selling quality PC games, then start improvising. 10% of all games are pirated, then make up those sales by selling a killer game for god sakes. Its no different than music CDs, X-Box games, PS3 games, or even movies. For once I'd like to buy a guy that doesn't require a freaking update. No wonder nobody buys PC games anymore, 99% of all games are rushed out the door and need patching. Do you see console games ever needing to be patched? Of course not.

 I"m out!



How is it hard to set up games in terms of visuals and controls?  most games now days have a "set all" option somewhere, and controls are just click what you want to change and choose the new button..., no offence to the people that cant figure it out, but if google is too complicated to figure out what AA is, then just give up, you probibly need to play on the low settings so you dont hurt your head...



I can't think of a single Bioware game that was as tough as Kings Quest I, II, or III (without cheating, trolls).  There was a time when puzzles actually challanged you.  When I finally paid for the cheatbook to find out the gnome's name in KQ1 I cursed Ken and Roberta Williams until I was blue in the face.  Not to knock simple challenges, but Bioware has never made me think.



"Welcome to Bioware, can I take your order?"

"Yeah, I'll take #1."

"You want 5 with that?"

"Yeah, and gimme a side of 4 as well."

"That'll be $12.57, please drive to the first window."






Who is Bioware?



I chose 2 because those games are aimed at the masses that can't think as in DUH!





...get back to thier roots....aka    Planescape Torment   :)



 i chose 5 and then 4!

muzyka means music in russian



I choose (2) with a side helping of (1).






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