Biostar Launches TH55B HD Motherboard



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This comment isnt really aimed at this board, even though i do like it.  Im just wondering when or why have we not changed over to the BTX standard.  What about the ATX is so great, ATX seems to go against what we as computer builders/elitists think.  The whole idea behind the BTX standard was to improve front to back airflow by positioning the ram slots parallel with the airflow. Eeven from the picture above of the mATX there could be room made(granted im not a motherboard designer) if the socket was moved up and to the right, the ram slots could be moved dirrectly between the various pci slots and the socket.  Given at how most data from that flows to and from the pci slots goes through the ram anyway this stands to reason to only increase the speed of computing by reducing distance of the mobo circuitry. it would also allow better positioning of USB, SATA, IDE, PATA, etc front connectors on the right side of the board.  perhaps we can see this change in the next year or two.  just a thought.

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