BioShock 2 DRM Detailed, Scaled Back



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I pretty much only buy games on Steam and definitely only ones that limit the DRM to the Steam DRM. Additional third party DRM of any flavor, or GFWLose required, are deal breakers. I hope the Steam version doesn't include either as I was kind of looking forward to this one.



yeah. i was looking forward to this release. I was really excited because of my fun with system shock 2... then i heard about the DRM they were using. I still haven't played it. I see it on steam and think about it... not sure yet...

 Very very disappointed indeed. Mind you, I also have noticed I enjoy a game more if I buy the game for my shelf and pirate the game to play. Runs smoother, no update/patch worries... no juggling dvd drives ...sad but true.



Games for Windows Live = Game Over.



If it comes with any form of SecureRom I will not let it anywhere near my drives. Even a little bit if SecureRom is like a little bit of (you name the deadly illness).




 Mike is correct,tie it with a GFWL account and you're fine. I can't frickin wait till this game comes out, already pre-ordered. I hope that DRM doesn't screw something up last minute.




It is SecuROM and all of the other draconian DRM schemes that caused me to move to Steam. Too many times have I been afraid to reload a game and wonder how many installs I had left. Of course, nowadays with the cheaper and much larger harddrives, keeping the majority of my games installed isn't a problem anymore.



Even Steam games can require you to log on to Games for Windows Live. It's infuriating. I shouldn't have to spend extra time logging into their stupid system. I hate Games for Windows Live, and I now really try to never buy games that use it. I personally almost hate it more than SecuRom, since I rarely re-install my OS, but I hate the extra 40 seconds it takes to log onto Games for Windows Live. It's just really, really, insulting to me.

Won't be buying Bioshock 2. 



 I had to log in once, once, for GFWL for Fallout 3 then it was just automatic when i run fallout3. Never even knew i had to for Bioshock 1. Anf for fall out not being on GFWL basicky ment a different set of save files but nothing else.

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Don't need GFWL for Bioshock 1, I play it through steam without GFWL. Dissapointing to hear of all these titles I want that are tied to yet another service. Next thing you know, you will need to login to several services just to play a game.

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I'm not a fan of SecuROM one bit. While I appreciate the loosening of restrictions, SecuROM still wreaks havoc with my system at random times... If they're using GFWL, just tie the activation key to the user's profile and be done with it.

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