Bing Scoops Up 30% of the US Search Market



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when google changed their privacy policy it was the last nail in their coffin for me. i was continually frustrated with their "preview" i dropped gmail and all things google... not gonna use their products



I have stopped using Google since they started forcing "previews" on you when you hover on a link and the increasing amount of "bubbled" search results. I can't stand Bing either though and if I had to pick between the two I would choose Google. I'm now using as a search engine. It has a silly name for a search engine but most of the time it pulls up results that are equal in quality to Google without all the ads, page previews, and tracking (bubble searches). Not to mention it is extremely configurable. Another good search engine I found was which uses the Google search engine but doesn't bubble your results (no tracking) and has a better layout than Google. I stuck with because it's much much faster than



Of course it's up! They are scamming it onto peoples computers lol.



Bing is a right bugger to remove. After installing SP1 on my W7 machine, there it was again all over my browser. Do i think the sudden % rise is due to that?? yes, that and some ppl just do not care what they use.



Lets see the avrage computer uses only preinstalled software, so they mostly use IE for the web, now when you go to search something in IE it Immediately sends you to bing. That and they're pushing it every chance they get, I mainly use Google and Duckduckgo which I find is fast and bring relevant stuff and doesn't assuming I mean Linux when I say LXDE....



Tried it, didn't liked it. Just doesn't have the full spectrum of results like Google. The commercials making fun of Google and its overabundance of results are exactly why I like it.



Wow Yahoo, you're a failboat. You had your chance for the merger with MS and you blew it. Jerry Yang your an idiot! Thank good I dumped your stock



I started using Bing a few years ago when I started getting more focused results on it for tec questions. I have slowly transitioned and I now find myself using it almost all of the time.
Google is fine but for me, Bing seems to get me the better first page results.
I have no real issues with either but Bing is certainly not a week sister as many MS haters would like us to believe.



I'd bet the increase is because of Bing being the default search engine for a lot of people. Google is the best because they hire the best.



NOo surprise here, when they integrate it into everything and push it like a desperate crack whore looking for his next fix. Won't change the fact that Microsoft still hasn't figured out how to monetize it, and the division is bleeding money like a sieve.


I Jedi

30% of the market isn't too shabby, nice. I love Google, but if Bing can deliver something better, I'm all for trying out something else.

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