Bing Maps Upgraded with 165TB of High Resolution Imagery



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my house is covered by clouds~!!!


John Pombrio

Bing maps Bird's Eye view is amazing as I can flip around and see my house's all 4 sides in fine detail. Google Earth has greatly increased its images, added excellent 3D images (check out NYC with tilt on), and are updated more regularly that Bing tho. Hel'of'a horse race but Google Earth still wins by a longshot.
How on Earth does Apple think they can compete in this market? bad decision of their part. All these functions have already been done by Google and Microsoft and Garmin and TomTom and...



Bing is still about 7 years out of date on my neighborhood. My house was purchased 5 years ago in January and had been COMPLETED in September of 06. Bing still shows empty lots for my entire block.



Same here. My house is at least 5 years out of date.



Yeah the aerial view of my neighborhood is at least six years old, a nearby shopping center shows an empty field and it was built five years ago. I'll stick with Google maps which is updated at least once a year, they post the date at the bottom unlike Bing.



These types of maps still have a long way to go. Until it's like actually being there in person and you can explore exactly like you would be able to if you were there, it's not meeting its full potential.



It's there we just can't have it

Back in the 90's the government could read the time off your watch from a satellite in space. The government has set limits on how good the quality can be.


John Pombrio

No, there are multiple commercial imaging satellites that have .5 meter resolution or better, none of which can be controlled by the US government. NSA and Homeland Security tried to do that with Groom Lake years ago and even had Google Earth images blurred for the Capital Mall for a year or so.
Besides, half of these images are now from low flying aircraft which can have extremely good resolution. The limiting factor really now is how much bandwidth the images take to download what you want to see. People would not wait for a slow refresh and the ISPs would object to multigig downloads just to see your house.

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