Bing Manages to Surpass Digg, Twitter and CNN in Traffic Numbers



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I tried it and I like it. In fact I realized yesterday that I have been using Bing as my primary search all week. What is even more interesting is that my WIfe, who is a true Yahoo fanboi has started using Bing also.

I think they have a contender here.



At first I liked Bing and was using it more and more.  But then it turned out that the more I used it and the more obscure some of my searches were besides just the standard stuff I might go to day to day Bing's results were crap and made no sense.

Try doing international serches with Bing and see what happens.  I, just the other night was looking for some Italian music videos (that I worked on when living in Italy) on the bands various sites.  Bing could not find the sites no matter what I typed. OK....these videos went number one on MTV Italy, the bands are some of the most popular in Italy and Bing could not figure it out.

With Google....I just typed in the name and the videos and links came right up.  Like Google results always do. 

I think Bings numbers will drop as more and more people use it for extended period of time and realize it's a shit browser for anything besides common searches.



The only thing that wont get binged is MAxpc's Best of the best section.  Since they gave up and dont care about it any more



I've been trying being off and on since it launched. Sometimes I will do a google search and a bing search just to compare the results. I'm unimpressed with bings ability to predict what I am typing in the search field. Sometimes googles prediction ability is uncanny. As far as search results, sometimes I still have to go to page 2 to find a manufacturers official web page, which for a search engine I think is unacceptable, but maybe thats ok for a decision engine :P



 I took the Bing challengeproposed in a recent no BS Podcast and, so far, I like it better than Google Search and Yahoo Search. There is, however, one major drawback and that is the lack of search customizations like "imagesize:1024x768. Otherwise, I am quite with result relevancies. 

.: vires et honos :.



Only because they're giving away money in the form of cashback on purchases found through Bing.

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