Bing Lets Facebook Friends Tell You What You Like



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Ultrasound Tech...

Because of the competition of these giants company and search engines, it benefited many people, leading to a more convenient user experience. Bing's new feature on facebook is really cool. 



One more reason not to use bing. I can also see this being very problematic. All the sleazy websites gamed google's page rank, now they will use the info they bought from facebook and game bing.


Holly Golightly

As much as I love Bing, I am getting sick and tired of seeing FaceBook everywhere. People, there is more to this world than FaceBook!!! Thankfully, I have recently discovered an extention for Chrome that actually blocks FaceBook extentions. So luckily, websites like MaximumPC, LiveMocha, and now Bing are a heavenly delight to visit again. I do not know where I would be without the blocker. Maybe you might want to try to install this without every seeing another annoying FaceBook feature ever again!

Now, there is a more hardcore sollution. But I would not recommend it if you share the computer with family. It is called FaceBook-Destroyer. It completely blanks out Facebook itself. I recommend FaceBook-Blocker. However, it does not block the button "publish to FaceBook" or "connect with..." so it is not completely perfect. But it will block the social plug in that may slowdown some browsers.

MaximumPC. I am a loyal reader. I always visit your website everyday. I am tired of seeing FaceBook alienate most of your readers. It seems more people rather do without it. When I visit MaximumPC, all I want to do is read about technology, not connect, or socialize. Please make it like the good times and completely do away with it. Thank you MaximumPC.

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