Bing Gains Share at a Breakneck Pace, Still Trails Google by Large Margin



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Bing still has a long, long, long way to go.

Google is still a much better search engine in terms of result relevancy.

Bing's top page of search result is often filled with stuff that I wouldn't care at all.




How is Bing better?

You can't be the best until you beat the best.



In Bings real growth numbers- in that MSN is rated #9 in Alexa's most popular sites and so many of the "articles" featured on MSN are nothing more than search links through- you guessed it- Bing.

It's not enough that MSN gets the hit- then they re-route their traffic through their own search engine- Not Cool MS.



If this had been Apple making these types of gains in the desktop/laptop OS market or Google in the business apps market I think you would have writing about Microsoft's eventual destruction.  But, it's Microsoft and the history of your "reporting" has shown that you are clearly anti-Microsoft.  I've included a link to a wikipedia article on "objectivity".  It's something real reporters are supposed to have when they write.


I Jedi

To be honest, it would have been more appropriate had you included articles in which Paul Lilly clearly and undoubtely demonstrated that he was anti-Microsoft. In reading this article, I found nothing here which would suggest he favored one company over another, except this, "Yes, what about Bing. Microsoft's spunky search engine sits in third place with a 13.6 percent share of the market" - Paul Lilly...  In which he used the word "spunky" to promote Bing's growth. That doesn't necessarily mean he favors Microsoft over other tech-giants, but a reporter would always keep his articles neutral and to the point. Of course, this creates for a bland, boring read, which is why such words are included, as to keep the reader entertained with the articles they are subjected to from the journalist. This is merely a tech website, not a serious business related site, in which I would see the need to keep all opinions/suggetive ideas to oneself, and just report on what's happening in that field.



Just so I'm clear, was it my comment about "Microsoft's spunky search engine" being "on the up and up" or pointing out that Bing is growing at such a breakneck pace that "we could soon be looking at a market share split" with Google that makes me so clearly anti-Microsoft? Or maybe my mistake was 'only' posting three Microsoft-related news posts this morning that outed my obvious anti-MS sentiment. Fuck, I'm going to sleep terrible tonight.

-Paul Lilly



I find it funny how everyone thinks they can do something better than those who are paid to do it for a living.

And your link is broken. FAIL!

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