Bing Gains Marginal Search Share in April, Google Still the King



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I dont know a single person that likes Bing. Most people I know hate it, and the remainder are indifferent. 




The fact that Yahoo is such a popular search engine shows what a vast part of the desktop market is up too. Keeping as the creatures of habit that we are. We, for the most part, don't like change. Yahoo is out of date and not a game changer as far as search results go, they don't even use their own search for crying out loud. Yet they are 2nd, barely.

I think Bing will keep climbing, and probably need to keep adds running as well. The adds are to get new customers, they must continue to have good quality searches to keep those customers however.

As for their continued slivers of gain the Bing is getting, & Google is loosing, this is normal, I think the tech industry's speed of new this, new that has jaded us. It is silly to expect people to change their habits as fast or often as we do our underwear, (this should be at least daily, my dear tech friends). A Consumers' habits are more like a mobo, it gets changed, rarely and only when the current one is no longer meeting our needs. There may be a newer prettier ones out there, even better, but it must be more than just better, it must be amazing, otherwise why go to the trouble & cost of the upgrade.

It took me awhile to decide to leave Google search, (read I have Gmail, use some Google maps, and a lil here and there). But when I did it only took 1 day to change all of my computers to default Bing search, from there the longest thing was to stop missing Google's setup, because I knew it and am a creature of habit.




I was curious to see how many Arab/Islamic countries were experiencing civil unrest as a result of the Bin Laden news. On one of my searches I Googled "Bin Laden Riots" and there in the top 5 results was a Chinese restaurant with a youtube link.

I've already been using Bing for most web queries however sometimes I use both simultaneously for work related searches. Bing usually wins out for a business related search while Google wins out for mapping. That being said, many other results from the sumultaneous searches are identical.



I refuse to use anything but Alta Vista and Lycos. They used to be King when the Sir Lancelot were chums with King Arthur and tables used to be round. 



Count me among the converted. I got tired of Google deciding that no-one, anywhere, ever, wants a top-level homepage/forum in their results. No, sometimes I DO want the homepage idjits, and typically the forum called Civilization V is better than returning an ancient thread called Civilization V.

I'm still confused that Yahoo holds as much market share as it does. Is it really competitive with Bing and Google in results quality, or is this just from old holdovers from when they were the big name in town?



Bing - the anti-Big Brother search engine alternative.



Ten years ago, if you had described anything Microsoft did as "Anti-Big-Brother", I would have thought you were crazy.



I hope they keep going up because Google does fuck all else when its share stays flat.  Until bing came along the Google search stayed unchanged for years.

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