Bill Gates Takes Steve Jobs' Criticisms in Stride



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Steve Jobs never invented anything either. Other people created things for him; all he did is tell them what he wanted and cried from time to time.

And he's admitted to stealing ideas from other people, so where does he get off criticizing someone else for doing the same thing? The more I read through his biography, the bigger a piece of s*** he becomes.



Wozniak > Gates > Jobs > Ballmer



Don't take this the wrong way, but...Jobs is dead and Gates is alive, i'm sure he prefers the criticism.



I agree with many of the other posts.

Enough about Steve F@CKING Jobs already! 



Jobs wil be forever #2 and he knew it and that is what made him such a nut job.

Short man complex going on with him basically.



guys just serously a dick in life and dick in death



"has never invented anything"

"[Bill Gates] just shamelessly ripped off other people's ideas,"


Are you freaking KIDDING ME!?!? Pot calling the kettle black is we?



I own a couple of Macs (on one now), iPhone, iPod, and iPad and I totally agree with that statement as well. Though there is no denying he was a visionarary and an innovator, and the same things could be said about Bill Gates as well.

Though when it came to personality Bill Gates wins hands down. Seriously if you did not know who he was is just comes off as your average guy. None of that smugness of the prime rib type, just that well mannered hamburger and french fry guy.

Ballmer, is probably the oldest person that needs to be on Ritalin. I swear that guy eats an Energizer Bunny for breakfast everyday. 



My thoughts exactly! lol



Jobs was an ass while alive and so it seems he is still an ass while dead.  Bill and MS should never have bailed apple out during the 90's and just have let them die then.  Not saying Bill was an angel or anything, and maybe he is making up for some of it with his projects.  Enough Jobs already, has anyone created a firefox add-on to block all things relating to Jobs?  Kind of like that Madoff plugin from awhile ago?  If not, someone needs to create the iBlock plugin!



+1 on the Jobs and iBlock plugin!  That's a great idea.  If I was a programmer I'd get on it asap :)



I don't think there's any doubt (at least amongst the rational) that Steve Jobs was not always a pleasant man. Mr. Gates and Mr. Jobs must have trampled under foot many to get where they are/were. They were fierce competitiors. You see this sort of "friendship" amongst athletes as well. Two major athletes will earnestly consider each other friends, but remain fierce competitors in word and deed.

Steve Jobs authorized this biography and his biographer. I don't think he had any qualms about people learning about his "tougher" or nastier side. Though some will always put him on a pedestal, he remains a man...a highly influential one.

I respect Steve Jobs. I also respect Bill Gates and believe that, when his turn comes to pass on, equally as many will want to read his biography. I honestly didn't know that Mr. Gates was somehow involved in the creation of the Macintosh. Maybe I need to read more.

...and yes, Mr. Gates did take the high road. I would expect as much from someone who has demonstrated the charity he has.



I would imagine, if Bill had decided not to offer Office for the Mac, Apple would essentially not exist right now.  Steve should be thanking him for making him a billionaire many times over.

My opinion.



Steve Jobs the master troll. Creates nothing and makes money then says the creator of the most successful OS has never made anything creative hahaha.



That's really the only way to respond. Besides, without Bill, Steve wouldn't have been able to drone on about a "post-pc" era.

Apple would have died in the 90's. Heck, it wouldn't have even gotten off the ground in the beginning. Some say Steve was mad that Bill did to him what he'd planned on doing to Xerox PARC, and that Steve never really created anything original either. Everything Apple did existed previously in some form.

Must've been hard for Steve, knowing how much he owed to Bill. Kudos to Bill for not gloating.



So Steve thinks that he hasn't stolen anything and actually invented something himself?  K, sure, fckoff

The guy died a month ago, can people stop writing about him and let him stay dead?  I was hoping since he died I'd see less of him, but instead he just keeps popping up everywhere more often, even on PC



Let's just say that karma got this one right.

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