Bid Farewell to Intel's Atom D2700 Processor



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So are you saying they're ending the Atom line? Or are you saying that a better Atom processor is coming out soon to replace the N2700?

I remember it wasn't very long ago that Intel was saying the Atom was going to be as powerful as a Phenom II x6 1100T by about 2015.



To be honest, I've always found AMD's offerings to be better for netbooks. My Thinkpad x120e (AMD E350, 4GB RAM) is more expensive than a lot of Atom netbooks, but it's a hell of a lot more powerful than them as well. If you need something cheaper, there's also the C50.



Honestly, I am saddened to see netbooks dying off. Lots of middle schools and high schools are starting to require students to bring laptops in, and netbooks are ideally situated to provide cheap, light, and small computers for this purpose. A friend of mine who is less than well-off has two children in that boat. Two years ago, I gave her son my 1201N, and then last year I gave her daughter an Inspiron 11z I picked up from the Dell outlet. Kids don't need oodles of power, and considering how rough they treat everything, I don't even like the idea of giving them $400 netbooks, let alone $1000 ultrabooks.

(I replaced the 1201N with an Alienware m11xR3)

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