BFG Tech Becomes a System Builder, Announces Phobos Gaming Rig



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Seems like a risky move considering the state of the economy. But then again, the average consumer probably wouldn't be buying one of these machines. I'm just wondering which pie chart is showing the potential earnings, 'cause everyone else is seeing losses and shallow profits.



I don't think it's that risky of a move considering they still have their BFG video card deal with NVidia. So it's not like they're putting all their eggs in one basket with these computers. Really, if you've already got a solid business, throwing together some top shelf components in a tweaked out fancy case can pretty much only lead to a little extra cash flow. And you know that I(pod/phone) dock on the top, as gimmicky as it is, is pretty rad. It's a much riskier business for a company that doesn't already have a product they're making cash on. 


Keith E. Whisman

I have to agree with you neo1piv14.

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