BFG Starts Taking Orders for Phobos Gaming PCs



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what if we get one of these, but live far away? when they do the in-home services, does it cost extra to fly themselves out to my area?

those prices scare me. 



why not the full 12gbs?



The only thing I admire about this computer series is the phobos touch screen software. If I could Purchase this software I would it looks amazing it'd be perfect for my new media center.



on the website, it says the cables exit from the bottom of the case instead of back of the case.

just a quick question... how do i plug stuff in then? do i flip the case 90 degree? the photo certainly dont' show any mechanism that allows the user to plug in cables easily.



For 3 grand I think it should include a Blu-Ray burner


Tom Nichol

It's a brazen move, all right!  In fact, about the inly way they could display any MORE chutzpah would be either to offer interest-free financing for these two beasts (yeah, yeah, I know--dream on!), or--even more so--to give away one of their Advanced models--tweaked up to the absolute maximum, mind you--in a random drawing to some lucky Maximum PC reader or subscriber (yeah, yeah, I know--dream on again!)!  But, as my employer, McDonald's, used to say in some of its commercials, "Hey--it could happen!"  Excuse my extreme cynicism, but given the economic chaos currently in progress, and given some of the claims and counter-claims and outright "puffery," as the U.S. Supreme Court once called it, it's hard for me to be otherwise!



Those are some hideous computers. I suppose it's what's inside that counts, but can I pay them an extra 20 bucks to put all that hardware inside an Antec 900.



The percentage of PC buyers who actually shell out for "boutique" machines must be about the same as the percetage of car buyers who shell out for Ferraris, Lamborghinis, etc.

Makes even less sense as no one can build a supercar in their garage, but I can easily build a PC with performance equivalent to high-end boutique PC for about a third of the price.




Then you wouldn't get the included in-home setup!



that is a key factor i think

Sure you can build it yourself for less but You have to instal the OS, set up drivers, conect it to your network...


Withthese guys Setup is included. I think having somone set up my pc so i can just sit down and start doing stuff is worth a primium since i don't have to waste half a day setting up the softwere end

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