BFG Offers Free PCI-E Upgrade for AGP Owners



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My dad's old PC has a BFG 7300GT.  What about this version?  They'll take back 6800s, 7600s and 7800 but not 7300s?

C'mon now!!!



Pretty much.  The main reason I went with EVGA with my most recent purchase was its Step-Up Program.


honestly this doesn't help them much.  If you're so far behind as to be
using AGP in your main computer, you've got financial problems larger
than just not being able to afford a new card.


Plus the real reason they're doing this is that the resale value of most of the cards on that list is higher than the MSRP of the cards they're giving as an equal replacement.  These cards have gotten to the point in the PC resale world where while they're not good at all as far as performance goes, they're the last of a generation or type and as such go back up in value as supply dwindles. (SEE: RDRAM insane prices, DDR(1) price increases after DDR2 came into its own, inproportionately high value of processors like the Socket 478 533Mhz FSB 3.06ghz P4 (fastest S478, 533Mhz processor). The only cards where you might make a fairly even swap are the 7600GS and 6800 (NU) though even then you'd probably come out on top selling it yourself.  The AGP version of the 6800 Ultra is nuts valuable from what I understand.   Search ebay and verify.



Note that BFG has a 'step-up' program of their own called Trade-Up, which is valid for 100 calendar from the original purchase date (slighly longer than EVGA's 90 days).



Well I honestly didn't know.  BFG had better advertise.

Anyway I took a look at the price difference between the EVGA and BFG and the BFG is like $50 more.  Made the right choice.



Wow, that's really cool of them. They have no reason to do this.



They are losing customer base to EVGA. They have a big reason to do this. If they can get people to use BFG products again.

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