BFG to Offer Rebate Relief for Bounced Checks



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Every video card I have owned since the old FX5500 has been BFG.  My motherboard is a BFG 680i.  My power supply is a BFG PSU.  They are one of the few that actually stand by what they make.  DOn't know what they offer now but everyvideo card I've ever had from them has had a lifetime warrenty.



I don't think it's BFG's fault that this company lost the money though, I think it's really cool that they are willing to put the customer ahead of anything else, something I intend to support with my next graphic card purchase



Not only should they pay the rebate checks, they should also pay for the customers' banks' processing fees, if any. My bank charges me $5 if I deposit a check and it bounces.



Thats it, my bank (and presumably the maximum in the State of Ohio) charges $30 for a bounced check. Also at any stores in the area it says the same thing that if you right them a bad check you charge you the check plus $30.


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