Beware of Bogus bin Laden Search Results



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Billion of dollars spent every year to kill just one man when he was already dead long ago (possibly 2006-2007) from various illnesses.

Even Glados from Portal 1 knows the answer!

"Was it worth it? Because despite your violent behavior, the only thing you've managed to break so far... is my heart. Maybe you could settle for that, and we'll just call it a day. I guess we both know that isn't going to happen."

We all know what happened. Another fake Bin Laden death... /facepalm Let's see, this is the 9th time the government claimed that they FINALLY killed Bin Laden. Congratulations, here, have some cake!



I knew when I read the headline of this article the conspiracy theorists would make irrelevant comments.

WTF would be the gain of making it all up?? Wouldn't Bin Laden just debunk it in a day with a tape or pic of him holding a newspaper with the headline? 

Jesus H. Christ. Some people want so badly for everything to be a cover-up. How many birth certificates is the President supposed to produce for that matter...

This was actually an article about viruses and malware exploiting a popular Google search. "I 'hared' neither the 'whitehouse' nor the 'pentigon' could help morons with their obvious need of basic education." English isn't even my first language and you turds make me "lol."



lol, buried at sea, what a joke. Its so hilarious to see that no one seems to be falling for this. When i hared about his "burial" at sea i thought it was a joke. I had to hear it 10 times before i realized it was their offical story. Well any way, now the Muslims see him as a martar who beat up the USA.



WOW KIlled on sunday buried at sea all in one day what about the autopsy dna verification makes me go MMMMMMMMM sounds like WMD,s I,M sorry but I am very sceptical about any news about Iraq or Bin Laden



I have to ask who released these reports originaly. Did they come from the Whitehouse, the Pentigon

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