Bethesda Targets Major New Vegas Bugs in VATS, Plans to Fire Off Patch “in The Coming Weeks”



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Yep, Oblivion started out buggy, it now sits comfortably in my top 5 games ever list.... Fallout 3 started out buggy, it now sits in my top 5 games ever list.... New Vegas is buggy....guess what.... well, still too early to put it up there (pretty much because it's basically just the most detailed expansion pack ever). So far i love New Vegas but it doesn't feel like a new game at all, it really would have benefited from a fresh engine....

The usual Obsidian bugs seem to me to be from too many open ended possibilities....but thats what i want from a game, you want the same thing to happen every time stick to final fantasy.

My New Vegas suffered heavily from a framerate bug with too many npc's on the screen, but an auto-patch came from steam today (11-9-10) and that problem is fixed.

As far as quest related bugs go, I'm not going to blame the publisher from trying to hard!!!! Because thats exactly why i love the games they put out.

Obsidian can count on my 50 bucks for their next game too.

I understand that if i want to play in an open environment where i swim to the bottom of the sea and then climb the tallest mountain all while tackling quests with 20+ steps in it, maybe the playtesters aren't going to be able to check every square cm of the map for consistency.

I don't like when my game crashes, but i do blame myself for not taking the .02ms it takes to hit F5 instead of the guys who spent a year trying to create a HUGE "sandbox" type game that i can explore until my fingers bleed.




The best way to predict the future?  Know the past.

There exists a patch for Bethesda's 2006 game Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion that addresses (no kidding) 1,800 bugs.  Why is that noteworthy?  Because it's a patch from 2009 and it was authored by gamers themselves, not Bethesda.

A similar patch exists for Fallout 3 as well and not just the gamebryo engine is affected.  There's the "Complete" series of overhauls for the STALKER games, which are notoriously buggy like a week-old maple syrup spill in the kitchen.  The gaming community is replete with these "home brewed" bug fixes and patches to say nothing of the related thriving mod community.

My point?  Inasmuch as it's not economically viable for publishers/developers to ensure a game is 100% bug-free on release date, it's also not economically viable for them to release patches beyond a certain date after release.  You want New Vegas to run well in 2015?  Don't look for Obsidian to help you.  Get the gaming community's bug fix because it's going to be a whooole lot more comprehensive.

Until then, of course, get the official patch.



Alternately, Bethesda can get with the picture and stop delivering games that are bordering on unplayable. I fought through the bugs in Oblivion (and there were a lot; I saved every few minutes in fear of hitting one and it paid off more times than I could count). Then I bought Fallout 3 hoping that they may have patched up most of the issues. Nope. Still as buggy as always. They're the only AAA developer out there who consistently delivers games with uncountably huge numbers of bugs, glitches, and oversights. It's pretty unacceptable. I won't be buying another of their titles until they start some sort of extensive beta program so they can smash these bugs BEFORE release.



Yes but they (and every other game developer) already have a beta program.  I'll give you three guesses as to who the testers are.  :P

Of course, you're free to vote with your wallet, just as you should in all consumer matters.  But understand that the only way your plan will be effective is if ALL gamers adopt the same policy.

Can you imagine a hotly anticipated game like New Vegas not selling a single copy because of a fear of bugs?

Neither can I.



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