Bethesda Pulls Fallout 3 Promotional Materials "In Connection with ESRB Guidelines"



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i believe some islamic extremists had that picture of the nuked white house on their website awhile back.



"In connection with ESRB's advertising guidelines" - Huh? Advertising guidelines? Apparently the ESRB can overrule the constitution and Free Speech? Trailers can not be completely blocked, only restricted by age based on content. What's the real reason Bethesda?

"Our guess? Precautionary action -- brushing Fallout 3's "threatening" imagery under the rug to avoid more controversy." - I say bring on the controversy. Free speech covers the ads/trailers. The publishers/developers need to take on the ESRB and critics or we'll be in this circus forever.



The ERSB isn't  a government
organization, it's a buisness coalition that Bethesda is part of. 
The First Amendment doesn't cover buisness relationships.



I'm not sure 'business coalition' is the proper term either. All reviews are voluntary, so each game is treated seperately and a binding agreement is made for that game. BTW, here's the list of advertising 'principles' that the ESRB want (or force) companies to follow:

  1. An advertisement should accurately reflect the nature and content of the product it represents and the rating issued (i.e., an advertisement should not mislead the consumer as to the product’s true character).
  2. An advertisement should not glamorize or exploit the ESRB rating of a product.
  3. All advertisements should be created with a sense of responsibility toward the public.
  4. No advertisement should contain any content that is likely to cause serious or widespread offense to the average consumer.
  5. Companies must not specifically target advertising for entertainment software products rated “Teen,” “Mature” or “Adults Only” to consumers for whom the product is not rated as appropriate.

All of these are open to interpretation and completely subjective. And considering how stringent the ESRB seem, the first person to bring a complaint that follows #3 or #4 will probably bring down all hell on the publisher. How can the industry accept this garbage?

I'm still a little confused as to how the ESRB can bring fines toward a company? Seems like breaking an agreement between companies is a legal matter (lawsuit). They just force the publisher to pay up or lose their rating? Non-profit my ass. And I would have to disagree that the First Amendment does not protect the advertisement. Basically it seems like the ESRB is just threatening to revoke the rating to get their way. Constitutionally, Bethesda can do as they wish.



Does it really matter much now that Fallout 3 is released? It's already "old" by internet standards.

I'll be playing it soon when my preorder gets here, then I'll need to wait for some time to actually sit down and play the thing.



This game is already under apriciated. Why the hell did they pull trailers from the web when this was started because of posters in DC? I sure hope the game ends up getting more publicitiy because of this and not less.



SCREW YOU Joseph Anzalone.

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