Bethesda: Elder Scrolls V to Arrive in 2010



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rbkharag is a site where you can get those bugs fixed for the comp.... you should look more into things before you start saying ****!



Wow...  You critics...   Oblivion was the best game I have ever played in my life!  The graphics were amazing and the gameplay was beast!  Whoever said Oblivion was bad, lets see you do better.  Hopefully they will make an elder scrolls 5. 


If you want to see somthing in the elder scrolls 5, go to to post your comments.



Okay, I saw videos of this game (I'm not gonna buy a game thats crappy) and most of what you say is bull. EVERY GAMES HAS A FAKE SOUNDING NOISE FOR WHEN YOU DIE!! Two Worlds has a completely worse 1 than TES. Example 1 also the combat is horrible too. the trailer showed them just sitting there while you attacked them. its like a bad version of Fable! when you get hit, you get pushed back? that's horrible, and your little video, that hasn't happened EVER too me in the years I've played the game. 2 pictures aren't very convincing. Another thing, every review I've seen, Two Worlds was PASSIBLE!!!! TES IV was atleast 9.0



Tes4 was a good game, but I liked everything but the graphics of Tes3 better.  That includes the fact that I hated with a passion the leveling enemies.  That parts annoyed me more than anything.  I felt that at level 43 I was still just as weak as I was at level 3.



I consider TES 4's story to be less epic than TES 3's was, so Bethesda has plenty of room for epic improvements in TES 5, imo.

Just waiting for Fallout 3 to get to my mailbox. If I play Fallout 3 as much as I did TES 4, I'll still be playing it well into 2010, and hopefully one of the Starcraft 2s would be out by then.



TES3's story was a LOT better than TES4, ubt in TES4 the gameplay was vastly improved and it was made harder than TES3. And TES4's story isn't that bad.



I second that. TES 3 had a cooler, more interesting and involved story. But TES 4 had enhanced gameplay. Except for no levitation? Kinda missed my levitation. And yeah, TES 4 still had a good story, just not as potentially epic as TES 3.

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