Bethesda: Don’t Expect Elder Scrolls V in the “Near Future”



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Pfth. Skyrim will suck. They've already confirmed that they are dumbing down the game. Classes are gone, skills are missing and statistics are missing. The combat will be just as bad as previous TES games. Why would I want this **** when I can get Dark Souls (a hardcore RPG) later this year and Dragon's Dogma (a BIGGER open world game than Skyrim could ever hope to be) next year?





 Fallout 4?

Coming soon to --Tokusatsu Heroes--
Five teenagers, one alien ghost, a robot, and the fate of the world.



This game was meh. Voice acting sucked, combat sucked, ui sucked, leveling sucked, quests sucked, money system sucks, animations sucked. Games like this are just too big and when it comes down to the most important part; the game play it just flopped so hard. Bosses where just enemies with bigger health pools with no use of tactics needed to kill them just run in and spam mouse1 or cast bar and you're a winner.

Dark Messiah blew this game out of the water. Everything about Dark Messiah was perfect, and did what Oblivion failed so hard to deliver. Sure, it wasn't an open game, but if you compare the main story of Dark Messiah to Oblivion, Oblivion is by far the biggest trash out there in terms of being fun. 



Oblivion was a mediocre game out of the box.  The openness and all of the things to see were pretty cool, but the gameplay itself was just completely bland and uninspired.  Thankfully the mod community was able to slowly turn this game into what it should have been from the start.

Now I have much more interesting landscapes, much better stealth and magic gameplay, no ridiculous leveled enemies, a much larger variety of creatures to encounter, as well as many more quests, weapons and equipment and some truly awesome places for my character to live and stash stuff (Frostcrag Spire Revisited simply rocks :)

Those things along with too many more to even list have made this into a truly amazing game.  The only bad part is that the main story still requires me to close gate after gate, doing basically the same thing over and over just to progress in the story.  I haven't looked lately to see if there is a fix for that, but it would be cool if there was.  If you've got the patience to install a bunch of mods, you can turn it into what is probably the most incredible open-world game ever created.



Best game series ever, Bethesda has my faith that whatever they touch will turn to gold.



Bethesda is my favorite game publishing co.and never disppoint me (Oblivion and Fallout 3 are among greatest PC games i ever played). so, definitely i'll be waiting for their next game.

MPC is my home page





GOOD, maybe this game will have loads of LESS bugs then IV, thank god there's people that dedicate time to  fix Bethesda's screw-ups (UOP)

Other then that, I hope that the next game is even better then the fourth, although it will be hard to top that off. I love Elder scrolls, and have played since morrowind, this one should be even more amazing.

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