Bethesda Announces Prey 2, Rumors Say It's Not What You're Expecting



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I just created an account to come here and say this:

Nathan, you write some of the best articles for game journalism. They're well-thought, often witty in a non-generic way, and unlike 90% of others you obviously proofread your articles. Frankly, your articles are a pleasure to read and are a nice break from the usual unoriginal tasteless writing other dedicated game sites are pumping out. I think it's unfortunate that your superior writing ability is being confined to a tech site that treats game news as an afterthought. Regardless, keep it up man.

Also, thank you MaxPC for not changing your site design like the Gawker media sites or Shacknews. I don't go to those sites anymore (and Shack was once well-respected in the PC gaming community), but I'm delighted when I find that Mr. Grayson has put up another weekly round of articles.



Anyone else remember the 3D Realms development screenshots for Prey that came on the Duke Nukem 3D (yeah, like 1996) disc? 

Yeah that was Prey (in one form at least).  It also had shots for that sorry ass waste Shadow Warrior and one of the greatest cult classic first person shooters of all time.  Potentially my favorite PC game ever.  Any guesses?

Bethesda didn't publish the first Prey did they?  And that can't have been out for five years now?



I believe Prey was published by 2K Games if I'm not mistaken.  Also, it has been about that long (time flies by fairly quick) as I remember playing it about a year after it released.  At least it wasn't 13 years like Duke Nukem Forever though.  I actually enjoyed the elements and the colorful dialogue.



I think Duke Forever was announced about the same time they started developing Prey and that still hasn't come out. Time does fly.  Seems like I just played Prey a year or two ago.  That might have something to do with running the same six year old desktop until last July. 

Funny I think I was 14 when Duke 3D came out.  Now I'm 28.  That sort of puts things in perspective. The basic premise of DNF should be Duke's mid life crisis.  It could begin with him pounding Cialis and applying his Just for Men. 

No guesses on the other screenshots on the Duke 3D disc?


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