Best Buy Working on a Rocketfish Tablet



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If it runs Windows 7, is decently powerful, and just works, I would buy this. Being made by HP would be a huge plus since they make good stuff, and the Rocketfish brand would mean the thing will be cheaper (hopefully) than if HP's name was on it.



They make pretty good mics though.



I am waiting for this:

It should be out this month.  Specs are decent.


Keith E. Whisman

Best Buy Geek Squad will be happy to install your favorite apps at a low price of $50bucks a pop. Only Geek Squad can install apps on the device. That has to be the marketing model for this device. Tie it to Best Buy so that you have to pay them to use it and ad functionality.


Fecal Face

I want to see a tablet with Windows Phone 7. THAT would be a nice tablet...



And just how much will the shitheads at BestBuy tack-on to the price for "Optimizing" this little gem?


Keith E. Whisman

I don't know but they did a great job optimizing my new 3D TV. And my new laptop is virus free, and it only cost me a couple hundred bucks....











Just kidding. I wouldn't pay anyone anything to optimize anything for me or get rid of a virus. I haven't found a virus yet that I haven't been able to get rid of or protect my system from.



Would make the most sense, seeing how its the preimeier mobile OS.

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