Best Buy Snaps Up Napster for a Cool $121 Million



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With all the helmets that get Viruses from limewire this is probably a good thing for our customers.



If it did end up benefitting the customer in some way, that would merely be a happy unintended coincidence.  Of all the things BB can be credited with, altruism is not one of them



This is criminally stupid! A failed business model, saddled with DRM, ad they think this is a good idea? Hello? What are you getting for that, Best Buy? What deliverables came with this? The name? Who uses Napster? Among your mainstream customers, who's heard of it? If you were going to use stockholder money to buy a music service, why not buy one that succeeded? God, am I glad I didn't buy that stock. Hell, most of the suburban crowd you market to probably still think Napster's a virus!



Heh, and on top of it all, they're going to compensate for this stupidity by having their already annoying(ly ignorant) sales associates pushing stupid Napster promotions.  Gotta love having to say "No, I don't want that extra shit." eight times at check out.



This is good for Napster and bad for Best Buy.  What a waste of money purchasing Napster.  It is long gone after its haydays.  As for Best Buy, they can suck eggs because I don't give a rip for Best Buy.  They're prices are like 500% higher then just buying online (even with shipping), the management just sucks, and the retail employees don't know much more then my grandma about computers.

Rant done.  That felt good.  < / RANT >



People...Still use napster? The only one who made out here is Napster.


Talcum X

 I dont use either so whatever the outcome,good or bad, matters to me not.


Every morning is the dawn of a new error.

"In Ireland, there are more drunks per capita than people."  -  Peter Griffin

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