Best Buy Sells First Sub-$100 Blu-Ray Player, with a Caveat



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It is a good thing for the adoption of blu-Ray to have such prices.  But, it is NOT a good thing if some movies don't play, or if java-heavy menus are jerky.  And (assuming it is not a 2.0 player), the frustration people will have when they see movies have a BD-Live feature that they cannot access.  I'm not even talking about the many players out there still taking 45+ seconds to load the disc.

The technology out there is not yet ready for Blu-Ray.  not surprising that the PS3 remains a good choice (with its on-board memory and CPU power), or better yet, my HTPC.  I don't remember DVD players ever having those technical problems.

Will it hurt the market to have early adopters buy cheap players, if those cannot deliver ?  This remains to be seen.



I notice they don't say what profile it is.  I'm assuming the stripped down model is 1.0 or 1.1 and not 2.0.  Also, the $100 coupon book shouldn't count.  You make the assumption that you're buying every movie in that book, and the odds are you aren't.  But still, it's a $200 Blu Ray player.



*Yawn* C'mon, even a $100 Best Buy gift card might START to get me looking at the deal, even on the stripped down box.

I love that you pointed out that the $100 you pre-pay for Disney movies is equivalent to 8 years of Blu-Ray on netflix.



Hey, either way, I think it's a great step in the right direction. Player prices really need to keep coming down across the board before it sees truly high levels of adoption. I've been working with warner home video on some projects and they're really counting on the prices to come down even more.


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