Best Buy Sees 77% Drop in Earnings, Looks to Lose Employees



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Sebie Kay

Really, did anyone NOT see this coming?  After all, you can only sell so many TV's, DVD players, Computers, etc in store.  

Thankfully, I never spent much money at best buy.  Terrible customer service, high prices (esp. compared to online retailers like newegg and tigerdirect), and even lying sales reps.  

 Just for kicks, I asked a sales rep if I could run Windows  on a mac using boot camp.  His 'professional' recommendation? 'Don't run windows.  Too many viruses.  Stick with mac, they can't catch a virus'.  Oh, really, Mr. Geek Squad?  I proceeded to go into the next aisle and locate a copy of Norton Antivirus for... MAC!  Wow, imagine that!  


Throw in the fact that their Geek Squad service is a rip off ('optimization' for HOW MUCH...?! Just to delete a few programs?) and you have a recipe for disgruntled customers.  

 Best Buy, I will you the way of drive-in movie theaters!  You shall not be missed. 



I have bought many things from Best Buy in the past, but their immature sales associates have been the sole reason for me not spending a majority of my money there. There really isn't a difference between them and fast food workers when it comes to technical knowledge. Every time I give them a try, some kid who thinks he/she knows it all always has to drive me away as a customer.

The economy may be slowing down, but people are still buying PCs. Although people who rely heavily on the "expert knowledge" of Best Buy employees may not be shopping for any new trends, gimmicks, or pretty tech, we business owners still have investments to make.

I was preparing to spend thousands on software and hardware for my business two weeks ago, and I made a point to shop around locally...although I have built all of my computers and assembled my own laptops...simply because I wanted to spend my money locally with times the way that they are. But, after a rude sales associate spoke briefly to me, and then refused to help me for 45 minutes, I decided that stimulating the local working force with my money wasn't worth it for that kind of inconvenience.

I am still buying DVDs, CDs, games, and software. My clients still need computers. Better service would have earned them our money...plain and simple.



Is it the economy or is it because everyone already owns an xbox/ps3/wii, big screens and dvd players?  Also with netflix, redbox and blockbuster, itunes etc, why buy cds or dvds anymore?

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