Best Buy Rolls Out Nationwide Used Game Trade-In Program



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I hate to sound like an advertisement, but Amazon still seems to offer the best trade-in rates. I recommend them.



I just put a request in to see how much a PS3 system is slim line version brand new with everything but 1 controller and i got a trade-in card of $59 dollars...WTF are they high?



they are offering the worst value possible, $50 for a mint condition PS3 60GB, (by the way fetches for over $200 on ebay and amazon.  $250 for a 2010 Macbook Pro 13" with a upgraded harddrive 500GB.  When the computer goes for $800+ on ebay.  With value so low why bother.  Gazell gives more than Bestbuy, and they are still cheap asses for value.  These company's need to stop playing us for fools.  I would love to see what they would offer for sex, sucky sucky 1 dollar?






Hey Guys,


Up here in Canada weve had Best Buy trade in for quite a while. In 2008 they started a Canada Wide Used Games system. It's about time the US gets the same.

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