Best Buy Reveals Motorola Xoom's Price, Release Date



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I agree. Way too expensive. The Asus tab is 1000 bucks, but at least it sports a Core i3 and DDR 3 memory. I have the Elocity A7, and I love it. We need more Tablets in the 200-500 max price range. Let's face it, they're replacing netbooks, not desktops!



Im glad i just went ahead and bought an archos 70IT for 280 bucks instead of waiting on yet another over-priced and over-hyped tablet to come along.


I agree, WAY to expensive! I'm rocking the $300.00 Viewsonic GTablet with Froyo on Vegan-Tab and I love it! I don't care how cool Honeycomb is supposed to be, not at that price! Theres a lot of good hardware out there for a lot cheaper that with a little effort (and fun) can be "hacked" to run a really nice custom ROM. Check the link:



No way would I pay that much for data. Anyone have any news on when the WiFi only version is coming out?



Yeah. I'll wait until the price (hopefully) comes down.

and those prices for Verizon's service are insane. :p



The problem is, there are so many apple fan boys paying retard prices on the ipad, everyone else says, why not? Also, motorola will apparently force you to buy at least one month of 3g or you can't unlock the wifi?! After you already dropped $800.00 to buy it. 





You know something ain't right when the Apple product is the better buy.



I agree with everyone else. If I wasn't going to spend $600 on a Galaxy Tab I'm sure as hell not going to spend $800 on a Xoom. 

Nook Color FTW!



Preach on brutha!

The Nook Color is the VW Bug, the Datsun 510 of tablet PCs.  At $250, a rooted NC is very much worth the money.  Sure, no 3G, camera, GPS, or Mic, but if you can do without those, it's a hell of a tablet.  The Samsung Galaxy costs more than 2x as much, takes much longer to boot, and has an inferior screen.




Eight hundred dollars!?! For a tablet?! I think they got the price point wrong by at least a $200 margin. Plus $80 for 10GB of data use per month is equally absurd, especially for 3G.

I'd be interested to find out how many of these sell, and who the hell buys them.



Way too expensive, and the data plan prices are just stoopid expensive.


Until the Telco's let go of the idea they are pushing gold plated turd nuggets through tiny straws, I'm just not interested in this stuff.



Eight Hundred Bucks! Not a chance.

A WiFi version for around five hundred perhaps.

I want a tablet but the market is too volitle and the price for anything decient is way to much.

If you are not a Apple fanboy the only choices seem to be Samgsung and Motorola and they are way to proud of their offerings. I may have to swallow my pride and get a iPad 2 when they arrive.

I don't need 3/4G connectivity, even in Rural oregon there is WiFi everywhere.






Not only too expensive but too big as well. For me, the killer feature for a tablet is the 7" form factor.  It lets me carry it everywhere without being too bulky.  If it isn't with me, I can't use it.  I won't be upgrading my Galaxy Tab until a new dual core, 7" inch tablet with a hi-resolution screen and graphics processor comes out.  The Dell Streak need not apply.



For me an $800 dollar tablet is too much.

And $80 for 10GB/month is too much for too little.

Not buying either.

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