Best Buy Prepares for the Physical Media Apocalypse



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WTF - why do companies keep saying that. I haven't downloaded a game, movie, or tv show I don't think ever. I have a ps3 and a pc and haven't purchased a "2.99 rights managed tv show" or movie or music EVER. I still want to purchase box copies of games, dvds and music.

Occasionally if a mp3 cd is significantly cheaper than its cd counterpart, I'll buy that album of mp3s off amazon. But I don't see myself having a hard drive a movies worth hundreds of dollars just sitting their waiting to get crashed, lost, deleted or something. If I have a cd in a box  I know it isn't going anywhere.



what do you think they would gain by pushing physical media into extinction?

 Wanna watch a movie? well if you buy a physical copy they can only hit you once for the price of the media. If you do not own the media they can hit you each time you want to view it. They also have the ability to change the price on percieved demand of the movie you want to watch.

Nothing really new to see here.



They better makes some sweet deals with ISP's that are putting caps on everyones accounts if they think this will take off!



our country doesn't have the infrastructure to handle everybody's needs.



Now lets see the same thing with tv and music please....
### I'm an idiot, and I approve this message ###



 You mean i get to OWN the products i buy, not just rent their content? What bizare, crazyworld is this?

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