Best Buy Plans To Use Permanent Price Matching To End Showrooming



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This is true.



Yeah exactly. It's never been "tax free." If your state has sales tax, then anything bought out of state, or online, you were supposed to file that each year. It's always been this way, just they make more of a deal of it now. And auditing is going up over that area. I find it's best to put something there other than nothing. Putting nothing will increase your chances of getting a tax audit. Amazon's nice enough that you can pull a sales report from their site so you can more easily figure out what you need to put down as owing.


John Pombrio

Funny that. I just did my state taxes yesterday (as usual paid zero taxes for both federal and state). It asks specifically if I bought anything through mail order, over the internet or out of state. I always put a big fat zero in that box. Think about it, it is NOT part of my state income tax or the amount I would owe would be zero. They send ANOTHER whole form to me to pay that tax. Mind you, that form has to be in with the check by April 15th or you get a PENALTY. One year (when I used to pay this stuff)they sent the form AFTER April 15th and I got a penalty that cost more than the bill was (the amount was not worth the fight). Forge'bou'it.



Anything you buy, whether it's online or from another state, you must pay state sales tax on it if your state collects sales tax John. It's part of you being a resident of your state. In years past it was always over looked but with the rise of sales through sites like Amazon and Newegg and Tiger Direct, the states want their cut and are cracking down. Whether you like it or not, the law is the law. Good luck explaining it to the auditor if/when they come calling. You'll be fined on top of still having to pay it.



And this is why they keep raising tax on Tax paying, law abiding citizens... By the way John, I hope for your sake no IRS agents troll Maximum PC's site...



I really don't want brick and mortar stores like Best Buy to go out, even if they complain about "showrooming".

There are some things I don't like to buy until I've actually seen them. Electronics is one of them.



I agree. I may find a better price online for things like televisions and electronics but you generally can't beat clearance prices for video games and DVD that you can find in a store. The sellers on Amazon generally charge $3 shipping for every title that I buy even if they're shipped together which usually makes the in store option the better deal.



I was actually quite surprised by a blue shirt recently when he informed me of Best Buy's price match policy. It didn't convince me to buy anything that day, but, whatever...

I used to love Best Buy, back when the store first came to my area in the mid 90's. Even then, though, I had to drive 50 miles to get to one. Typically, it was a staple stop on me and my friends out of town travels as teens. They had a huge game section, with every system set up with demos, even the lesser known ones (such as the CDI, which was awful, but still). The stereo section was also quite impressive, and I bought my first "real" stereo from there. The movie section went on and on, with titles both past and present catching my eyes (not to mention anime, which at the time, was very much unheard of in my area). I have memories of the store from then that the current store just can't hold up to.

I definitely don't buy things from there like I used to, though I do still check out the weekly ad. They have a rotation of certain items I'm always looking for on sale; blank media, flash drives, and external hard drives. I replenish/replace these items every so often, and it's convenient when the time comes to go down to the BB and grab one up (there is one about 15 miles from where I live now). But really, I go there mostly to play with things I will likely buy online from amazon, newegg, or tigerdirect.

I guess I'm saying if BB goes down thanks to online retail kicking it's arse, then, I won't really miss them too much. I do still enjoy walking into the store and feeling surrounded with tech. But then I get accosted by a blue shirt, who knows far less about everything in the store than I do, and can't even help me compare one laptop to another.



Kinda wonder if the silver reward zone members return period gets cut in half.

And yes, I shop there quite a bit, mostly for blu-rays & hard drives (quick exchange IF the HD fails inside the return period.)



"In addition to price matching, Best Buy will also be reducing its return policy from 30 days to 15 days"

And one of the best reasons to buy something at Best Buy just got worse...

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