Best Buy Confirms Plans to Carry Surface RT Online and In Stores



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It will be coming to Staples as well, with a big launch campaign in the works. It will be a little late, though. It would have sold much better if Microsoft had decided to release it to BB and Staples when it launched, rather than limit it to the Microsoft Stores like Apple does with their crap.



I am totally going to be checking out Best Buy just to get my hands on this thing, dying to see how it feels, and most of all the surface touch keyboard, NOT the chicklet keyboard, the touch keyboard.

From the looks of the pictures of the full version it appears twice as thick and heavy as the RT version, might have to wait for version 2.0. But still very happy to have the chance to go to a store and actually see the thing before just buying one from a website.



Ironic to me because I was in a BB last weekend and the Sales guy tried to tell me that Microsoft has officially allowed the Samsung Ativ tab to be called a Surface because it runs Win8pro.

I tried to call him out on it but he was sure. My advice to my family and friends; do your research before listening to any sales pitch at Best Buy.



"do your research before listening to any sales pitch at Best Buy."

Good advice no matter where you shop.

Me...I always have my phone handy for any necessary last minute research.



Going to Best Buy (-1 to brain cells) to buy a Surface (-1 to productivity)....yeah, count me out. I'd rather stay home and use my Win7 laptops and desktops and put that $500 into my retirement accounts. The idea of going all gaga over Windows 8 and Surface like an Apple fan does on the new iPhone or iPad just seems plain ludicrous.

And for those of you who LOVE MICROSOFT, this just means there will be a Surface at Best Buy for you to get, rather than a raincheck, so spare me your Windows 8 love rant.



Beside the possibility of competative sales, re/etailers have another carrot to dangle. Best Buy themselves have 'Rewardzone' points that are earned with each purchase, that can be converted to discount certificates.

I've been 'banking' my points for some time now... I'll be able to knock off $400 from the price. I was going to order another RT for my wife this week, from Microsoft, but now I will grab one from BB.

This will make our third.

I plan on having a little fun w/BB, though. Once they have some in-store, I'm going to go in an pelt some Blue Shirts will dozens of questions in an effort get them to admit that iCrap is in inferior product.



You must feel like quite the man to harass a bunch of retail workers with inane questions to suit your own bias. Congratulations.



Naw.. it isn't an effort to 'feel like quite the man', and the purpose is not to have them experience my 'bias' against Apple (as I admit I am)... The purpose is to have them feed potential customers ACCURATE information.. regardless of the subject. Consider it an attempt to gently educate the retail employees so they have accurate, truthful information so that when they encounter you, they are better prepared.

Your welcome.

Due to the need to acquire misc items to support our 3000+ devices, for purely convenience reasons I find myself at BB 2-3 times a week. It's amazing that they get away with the slanderous statements they make against PC platforms in general, in support of their Apple marketing efforts.

Again... Your welcome.



Narcissist much?

None of what you've said negates my previous point.



I totally agree that the price is the issue with this. Their real competition is the Android tablets, and not the iPad. This is a lot more compelling to me at the $399 mark- with the keyboard thrown in- than at the current pricing.

I hope that by getting it into more outlets, we'll see the price get more realistic.



ARM processor + win8 > i5/i7 + win8.

why ? ARM = low power = low heat = longer battery life

I would get 1 of this just for the fun of it and portability. I don't know much about win8 but will there be any NAVIGATION program + GPS ? if so, that would be a major plus.



If I remember correctly, the Surface RT does not have a GPS in it. Nor will the Surface Pro. The ASUS VivoTab RT which Best Buy already sells does have GPS in it.



It really depends on what software you're planning to run on it. I would take a more capable i5 any day provided it's lower voltage and comes with a decent sized battery.



What perplexes me is how MS misses the holiday shopping season by 1 month with the Pro model?! I've got 2 people who want their first tab. And 2 more(+ myself)that scrap their current lap/tab combo for what the Pro purports itself as. Instead of getting all Pro's, it may need to be nexus 10's since nobody wants a gift wrapped empty box on Christmas Day. Come on man.



Ho hum. I doubt lowering the price a few bucks is going to do much to spur their overall sales. Lowering the price substantially would most likely do the trick but I seriously doubt MS is going to price that turd within a reasonable range.

And let's be honest with one another. The whole point of that tablet is the type cover so realistically it's starting at a whopping $630. If the whole kit and kaboodle was at the $499 mark, I'd possibly be in the market for one. Better yet, if the Pro edition was $499, I'd definitely buy one.

I'll get back to my pipe dream now...



I wouldn't factor out price drops too much. Take the Playbook for example. It's by far the 'worst' tablet out there right now (has virtually no dev support or apps) yet when it dropped recently to 120 bucks or even its new normal price of 150 bucks, it sold like mad! Even though its inferior in every way to a Nexus 7 or Ipad.

Dollars will dictate hotness to some people.



Dollars do "dictate" hotness. However, the fire sale prices you're describing are incredibly unlikely to happen with the Surface unless Microsoft goes completely under.

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