Best Buy Charges 30 Clams to Set Up Your eBook Reader



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Charging $30 to open the box for you. thats what the advertisement SHOULD say. Not to knock my mother but concidering her age and the generation shes from i can safetly say if my mother can figure out how to make a nook work without a phone call to me then geek squad is making sh-t up for $30.



God's way of telling ppl you have too much money and not enough brains.



I could understand if someone can't fix their car as the combustible engine could be complicated and dirty to manipulate.

But a eReader?  Common...


bergie berg

It's not there yet in terms of pure evil, but Best Buy is doing its best to really show a complete lack of ethics.  It doesn't want to/can't compete with online retailers in price, so they try and screw consumers out of money without adding a real value.  Honestly, I know everyone doesn't read tech news, but I don't understand how anyone who can set their microwave clock lets themselves get screwed by the Geek Squad.  Guess those fake nerds need to get some, too.

Step one: fix these "services" so they actually provide value, instead of slowing down computers and stuff.  Step two: do it for free with the purchase of a computer/device.  Only then are the higher prices of Best Buy justified.



$30 bucks!!! Heck, before e-readers, I would charge 15 bucks to show people how to turn a page on a paperback book.


Keith E. Whisman

OK you bought an Ebook reader because you love to read and want to have instant access to as many books as you want. Since you can read books and gain entertainment from that, then why can't you just read the instructions? If I couldn't read the instructions, why would I puchase an ebook reader? The whole idea is stupid. Just plain stupid.



$30 seems expensive. For that amount, they ought to throw in a case for the device for free as well. Best thing to do is ask a tech savvy friend/neighbor for help. Pay him/her w/ food, drink, whatever.



Best Buy is taking advantage of folks who just don't know enough to about technology. You could probably find steps online on how to properly set up your eBook Reader for free. Might also be taking advantage of some people's fear that if I don't know what I am doing I could potentially screw up a piece of technology. Therefore, they hire someone who knows what they're doing while not paying a whole lot of mind to the price.



I wouldn't use the word brilliant when describing the marketting.  I'd prefer sleezy, deceptive, misleading, dishonet....

Yeah, it is overpriced.  The price of the service isn't related to the cost of providing that service in any way.  It is a rip off.

The scary part there is that the people who will pay for this service are probably also able to vote every election year.  THAT'S SCARY.



"The scary part there is that the people who will pay for this service are probably also able to vote every election year.  THAT'S SCARY."

How is someone paying for a service for a piece of technology they don't know anything about scary because they probably vote?  So someone that takes their car to the garage for an oil change shouldn't vote either?

I agree this is a huge scam, but then everything that Best Buy or the Geek Squad does in my opinion is scamming and preying on people's lack of knowledge for techonology.  Heck some of their prices are even for lack of knowledge.  They price their items because they bundle their service right into the price.  I've actually had the workers at Best Buy tell me that something would cost more if I didn't use their service they were offering.  Best Buy is crap and I can't believe that this place is still in business.



If you don't spend some time researching where you are going to plop down your $3,000 for your new plasma HDTV and your surround sound system, so end up getting reamed at Best Buy, then perhaps it would also hold true that you wouldn't properly analyze or research before placing a vote for a presidential candidate.  I am going to go with no vote for best buy suckers *cough* customers.  Disenfranchisement is awesome (sarcasm).



My opnion on this is my own opinion, it does not reflect Best Buy or The Geek Sqaud

I do think this service is worthless, and people who have to think about paying for it do not deserve to buy a Nook or EReader. I do agree how ever with the fact that it should be a free service, unfortunately some corporations may not. As an agent I have no tips or tricks to give customer, I don't even own an EReader, and I never plan to. The 30$ service is going to flop.

My opnion on this is my own opinion, it does not reflect Best Buy or The Geek Sqaud



That's an overpriced service. Part of my sales pitch at RadioShack is that if you buy it and need help configuring it then I'll do it for you. 

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