BenQ Quietly Rolls Out XL2411T Monitor for Gamers



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If a monitor isn't 1920x1200, it isn't worth looking at.

Why won't monitor makers start producing 3840 x 2400 monitors at 24"+?

If we can squeeze 1920x1080 into a 4.8" LCD ( from 2 YEARS AGO!!!), why the hell can't we have better resolution on large screens? My icons are an inch square at default size on a 24" monitor.

I would pay good money to upgrade to a quality LCD with a high pixel density. Anyone know why vendors won't increase the resolutions? Even the 27" monitors are just 1080p @ 2560x1440. Anyone?



Probably the same reason why TVs are only 1080p...



When they come out with a affordable 120hz LCD that -isn't- a crappy TN panel, I'll care.

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