Bell Labs Cranks Up Copper-Based DSL to 300Mbps



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There is a very large audience who don't live in downtown Tampa or major city who won't have fiberoptic available in the next twenty years..   If companies could change the equipment at their main office, and provide a different router box at the home.... Here is one customer who would jump at the chance as nothing isn available past 3mbps for forseeable future and HUGHES Satellite SUCKS besides being crooked to boot.

Unless cost for this 'copper improvement' was terrible... what 's the downside   .  Folks poo poo on idea likely have 25mbps fiber optic and higher available.. 



The very wayward son of Frank Leslie Horsley, Lone Pine Creek Ranch, Larimer County, Fort Collins, Colorado, from 1882 give or take a year or two.... Hardway Horsley who loves to gadgets of the 21st Century while living in the 19th.



Don't implement it, copper may be good for older infrastructures but it's also good for copper thieves.  Unlike power cable, thieves don't need to worry about cutting power - just cut, roll, burn the rubber, and go.

BTW, MPC, why use a tiny little copper roll for the pic?  Go to sites like Corning for real pics of copper cable rolls.



I still see this as merely a bandaid to a sucking chest wound.  Copper has reached its limit.  Why pour more money into it.  ATT and Comcast are just hurting because Verizon had more vision.  To the victor go the spoils.

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