Beginning of The End? Age of Conan to Merge Servers



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dude. i played it like 2 times couldnt actually kill anything  duhhh  so i went back to wow



wow is really great for players with no skill... all you have to do is spend hours and hours in instances to get uber gear, no skill, you just have to be able to push a key on your keyboard every now and again.

once you have the gear you do good in pvp just because you have like 18/25k hp  great gear, no skill,  works for me


then the wow players try a game where skill actually makes a difference. 

dude why are you killing me all the time, i'm a great wow player and its not right.... my dad can beat your dad


after they get pwned and pwned and pwned  they say this game sucks, write flaming posts about it  and never even realize that it's not the game that sucks   




I think the BIGGEST problem with AoC, Was that alot and i mean alot of pc's just were not up to running this game. But people purchased it anyway, Got it installed tried to run it and there PC's froze. IMHO I think this game is great, Great looking, Great fun, I play this Wow And now WArhammer, They are all the same as far as questing. And grouping for instances. I still get yelled at alot because i am not the best tank. But i just love there armor. LOL



I remember seeing them peddle this game at Dragon con in 2007 talking up this game big time. This year, they had a huge  booth that felt rather empty. Just looking at the specs alone kept me away from the game as I'm sure it did a lot of people. Conan was big in the late 70's and early 80's. I'm not sure why they even dug out this franchise to base a game like this off of. Most 20 somethings don't even know what a "conan" is! I can see a stand alone game, but an MMO? It was a shot in the dark from the get-go in my opinion.

 Too bad, but there are a lot of lessons learned from this games short comings and failures. Though the fighting controls were rather unique (albeit a bit awkward), so props to them for trying something new there I guess.





I know its supposed to have better fighting mechanics and all, but coming from wow, this game was a huge turd.  I played twice and then canceled my account.  And companies wonder why there is so much piracy, digging through a dumpster is not stealing.



In actual fact the game is taking an upturn in populations reported all over the official forums and in plenty of other places. Yes there are quite a few servers that are pretty deserted, however, there are loads that are also very full and even more so after the recent PvP patch 2.0 that came in a couple weeks back. A quick search on the official forums under server specifics will show this.

The game has got a change at the helm, many bugs have been fixed and there is hardly much of a severe performance issue any more.

Since when does stock have anything to do with the game you pay to play? Do you even play it? You know companies can be very stable and profitable without being listed as publicly traded. How long has FunCom  being listed? how many game companies out there are not listed and have profitable games, cough, Turbine (lotro), Mythic Pre EA, CCP (EvE) etc etc. How long has Anarchy Online (Funcom's other mmorpg)  being going without the company being listed? If FC go de-listed its is definately not the end and definately not worth gloating over.

If you play the game and your on a less populated server I am sure you would benefit from when the time comes to cross-over. As fellow gamers it can only make things better for them, its a damn if you do, damn if you don't situation. The new guy in charge is making the right decision, which is widely applauded in the responses from the link to his newsletter.

I suggest to do more research into the game starting with Patch 3.0 notes that just got release a few hours back for the test server: if you have access if not on the official forums:

As for the guy who thinks the game installed 5 times what it should of, maybe try the config for the patcher located in the game directory... 

What about Warhammer: Age of Reckoning? ??



Well, stock matters when its one of the top company guys selling off hundreds of thousands of their own.


I tried the recent update, it some fixes but the game is still the same for the most part. It's a little less buggy but still linear.


I mean, once you play one character you are pretty much done. The next character gets the same starting area and goes to the exact same places. Sure, they have different home cities but I know on my first character I had to go to other home citys just to keep getting quests because I ran out. 



Haha, knew it was coming sooner rather than later.

It was the most visually stunning BUG I have ever seen. The forums were in uproar from all the unhappy customers. Each patch was actually making the game more buggy. Even the box of the game was bugged, it is labeled as having DX10 ... which it does not. 

My fiance and I canceled our account earlier this month and haven't looked back.

Anyone thinking about getting this game? Save yourself the money.



Edit: Btw, my favorite bug? The game was reported to be about a 20gb install (give or take). The installer allocated 116gb for my install instead. 300gb velociraptor, you better believe I removed the game.



maybe you shouldn't have bought it in the first place. am i the only person who can tell whether or not a game will be shit just by spending a couple minutes reading about it?

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