BDXL Blu-Ray Recorders Arrive (in Japan)



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Interesting, though I don't see the practicality in these. I would think that hard disk storage would be cheaper and more practical then a Blu-Ray optical disc. Not only that, but I would assume to play it anywhere else you would have to have Blu-Ray player with BDXL support.



It's practical because they have a different business/end use model in Japan AND because the two technologies are viewed as complimentary, not redundant.  Combo hard disk based, DVR-like, boxes have been a staple over there for 10+ years.  Hard disk + tape, hard disk + dvd, hard disk + BD get the point.

Hard disk for streams, BDXL for movies and the like & archival ( and transportable) purposes.

 This is the emerging BD 2.0, get used to it.



I see what you're saying. I was thinking of it more in the U.S. market and the cost as being impractical. I remember when the first recordable Blu-Ray discs came out in the U.S. and they were somewhat expensive. I'm not sure how expensive these discs would be and the players, but in order for the transportation to be practical, I would think that many people would need to have these players. What if I go to a friend's house and he doesn't have one of these new players? I know that's not a problem in Japan, as they are years ahead of the U.S. as far as consumers adopting new technology, but in the U.S. I don't think people would be rushing out to buy this new technology.



Depends on what you mean by practical.  Hard drives fail, if archived properly optical disks can last a long time.

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