BCC Unveils Alex, the Simplest laptop with a Monthly Surcharge



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Vultures, I tell you! Just vultures!!! Preying on the old and feeble.



Here today, gone tomorrow. Live life.



ANOTHER pay-as-you-go computer setup? This has been tried for 20 years now! Heh. Good luck, BCC, you are going to need it!



This is the 5th time today I've used this word:


So we're supposed to pay over $600 and then $10 a month to actually use it. You'd really have to be stupid to do this.



!!! I'm using Windows 7 on my laptop. And here is why my laptop is easy enough to use BCC:

I don't have to remember to pay a monthly fee to use software.

I can store stuff right on my HDD. I don't have to be in a Wi-fi area to access my stuff from the internet. 

I don't have to remember where I left that USB stick to access my computer. I don't have a password on my login. And I can't imagine it being too easy to just get a replacement USB key.

I am using MS Office and am very familiar with it - every office uses it, and students in college can get the software for free - so I don't have to spend time learning a new Office suite. 

Icons for accessing the programs are default on my desktop - so it's literally one-click away. 

I can't remember the last time I needed to open my Control-panel to fix any issues in Windows 7. 

It's called Windows 7. 



 Anyone come up with a use for this? Anyone? Buler? Buler?

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Keith E. Whisman

A newb friendly device would probably be something like an tablet pc with touch screen and a slide out keyboard and something like an LCARS interface because LCARS is freaking cool. But anywho A simple touch screen interface kinda like the HP Touch interface or LCARS again because Star Trek rules. 

It should also come with a teacher cartoon guy like the ms office paperclip that offers instructions in everything so the newb may one day graduate to a full system and laptop and downloading bootlegs off the net like everyone else. 



So let me get this straight...

1) You need to pay a monthly fee to access your apps.

2) You need to have a USB key plugged in at all times to access your desktop/apps?

If there are people out there who can't operate (or think they can't) a Mac or a Windows PC...which require neither of these restrictions...what makes BCC think people are gonna want this?  

Here's a little FAQ that I can imaging BCC putting up on their website:

Q: Why can't I access my apps?! My USB key is plugged in. A: Did you pay your monthly fee?

Q: Why can't I access my desktop?! I paid the monthly fee. A: Did you plug in your USB key?

Seriously, there are people out there who don't know much about running computers that don't have these restrictions...adding these to the mix is a recipe for complicating what should be wholly uncomplicated.


Keith E. Whisman

Giggle giggle giggle giggle giggle giggle giggle.... Somebody buy one of these so I can laugh at you. 


BTW I have a computer again. And I'm accessing the internet with my Google G1 tethered to my laptop. Let me see an Iphone do that. 

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