Battlefield Heroes Store Update Gives Upper Hand to Microtransaction Users, Outrages Everyone Else



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I stopped playing that garbage the moment it left beta. Never bought a thing, never will.



Sounds like the model they should have started with this model.  You might not have the same number of people playing initially but you don't piss off people by changing the rules midstream.

At least if they would have started this way it wouldn't have felt like bait and switch.

When did we start gettting games for free?  People may get mad but I wouldn't keep putting money into a failed/failing business model why would anyone expect a distributor/publisher to take that kind of hit.



Cross Fire is very similar but not as bad, and Combat Arms is just as bad. I gave up combat arms because I was sick of having to play a ton to keep a weapon that isn't much better then the starter weapons but you lose after 30 days and have to buy again.



 I stopped playing BF:H after I realized I had "payed" for a free game, all to make my avatars look like the Heavy Weapons Guy and Demoman from TF2. I practically got Team Fortress for free in the Orange Box (on sale for half price at the time) so why should I pay more on a'free' game to try and make a similar play experience?




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