Battlefield 3 Not PC Exclusive, But PC Version Receiving “Special Effort”



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Bean Bandit

I just hope that they really look at there past games and don't make the mistakes they made in other games. HitBoxes is I think there biggest problem that they seem to be nubs about. And don't do a copy and paste job on this. Make a BF 3 that's made for a freaking PC not some crappy console.



Console Port.



I just hope BF3 will have mod/map support, otherwise it will be as boring as BadCompany2 ( I got tired of BC2 after just 4 days of playing both single player / multiplayer = same ol 15 maps).

BF2 on the other hand, got massive mods/maps support so we never get tired of either single player or multiplayer. Mods such as Nation At War, Point of Existence, Allied Intent, Allied Intent Extended, Mercenaries, Allied Assault, Star Wars mod, Pirate mod, etc etc...  the fun is ENDLESS !  

Been playing BF2 for almost 5 years and never get tired of it ! :D





I just hope they keep COOP mode with Bots for those of us that enjoy life up in the mountains , but cant get internet other than satellite....=sucks




I think this might be the perfect time to allow console and pc players to play together.  they could make servers that allow only pc or console, but also have servers that allow both. and see what the people decide.


I also hope the decide to make it more open this time around. I really think that is one thing that really held back BF2.



It would be cool to play your buddy who thinks the 360 is gods gift to humanity and then totally wreck him every round. PC players would destroy console players every time for the soul fact of the precision that the keyboard/mouse setup gives us.



"If DICE's track record with games like Battlefield Bad Company 2 is any indication, Goldfarb's promises aren't just empty words."

Uh...explain to me what's so great about the PC version of BC2. As far as I know it's exactly like the console versions.

I don't care if BF3 isn't PC exclusive, which it won't be, but I want to see it made for the PC and THEN dumbed down to run on Xbox and PS. Kinda like it used to be, remember? Will we ever see a game like Crysis again that makes people scramble to upgrade thier rigs so they can enjoy the eye porn?

Oh Dice don't let us down. I've been dreaming of BF3 for years...



Maximum PC, you are wayyyy too optimistic and console friendly in this article! I have been following the discussions on BF3 official forums for a while now and considering consoles are using outdated hardware and cannot compete at all with PCs, considering there is only 1 256 player FPS on the PS3 and every other console FPS have less players than their PC version usually... 24 for BC2 on console and 32 on PC... Considering most games are clearly dumbed down and stripped of nice features because of consoles limitation, how is it a good news that BF3 isn't designed for the PC ? The most weird thing is Frostbite 2 is being developped for dx11, 64 bit OS, etc. and I don't think consoles support dx11... So, how could BF3 be designed for consoles... I still hope BF3 will be a true successor to BF2, allows mods and be designed for the PC. Then, if they want a dumbed down version of it for the console, they could make a BF3: Modern combat :p

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