Battlefield 1943 PC Delayed into Early 2010



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Why should it bother PC owners that a nerfed version of the franchise with 5 maps is going to be late?

We've had BF1942 and two expansions, BFV, BF2 and expansions and BF2142 ... Been there, done that over and over.

And we are supposed to be bothered that this lazy attempt to make a quick buck is delayed?

If anyone really cares enough about this at all to be disappointed, just go and pick up BF2 cheap. People are still playing it and it's far better than this.



1. THat you're making us wait = B.S.

2. That we're waiting to get... 32 players? WTF! I'll just play a different BF for the 64 thanks.

3. No mod support, and only 3 maps... again, WTF!

4. It'd best be free, because BF:H is not up to snuff.

5. And if you're new Engine can't push 64 due to Server Stress, I suggest you go talk to Bohemia Interactive, because playing on a server with 178 people... just doens't get old.



It's a nice and fairly cheap Xbox 360 game that can provide a few hours of mindless fun ever so often. :P



I don't know much about Battlefield 1943, but it occured to me that a game that featured two eight-to-sixteen fighter squadrons battling each other would instantly get my money.  I haven't very much enjoyed any combat fighter games before (too realistic, therefore too slow), but the thought of two dozen fighter planes filling the screen in a co-op dance of death definitely fires up the imagination.



While I loved BF1942 for 2 years isn't 1943 just a graphical update of 3 maps from BF1942? Doesn't sound all that impressive to me. You would think in these days and time they would be able to streamline all the periperal support. A chunk of code they just stick in and tweak as necessary. Of course I'm not a  programmer so what do I know. :)

Comon DICE! You created the next level of PC games and abandoned it to cater to  consoles. Get back to your exclusives on PC and stop giving EA oil rubs.




THey are just chasing the market like everyone else..

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