Battle For Megaupload Data Rages On



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If the TOS says they own your data, then just wipe it. Users signed up knowing that, and there isnt a whole lot that can be done if you signed your rights away to your data when you uploaded it.



I read it as Carpathia is worried they're going to get sued/fined for destroying evidence if the RIAA/MPAA or whoever decide to launch civil suits.



Yeah but people don't being held responsible for their own actions. It makes them feel better if they can blame someone else.

News flash people. A backup isn't a backup if you only have one copy of it in one place.



Ruby Ridge, Waco, the MKULTRA project, the giving of people in a guatemalan hospital syphilis, the illegal bombing of Yemen in which we killed more than 20 civilians many of whom were women and children, the USA government is out of control, doesn't follow its own constitution and if things continue on in this manner will be ripe for revolution. The seizure of MegaUpload and the way they have treated the files of completely legal users is just another brick in the mausoleum of the US government.



I'm confused. Why does it cost $9k a day to keep data stored on hard drives? The government confiscated the servers right? Throw them into a storage facility somewhere for a few hundred a month until they're needed again. They don't need to be powered up and online.



I want my data! I keep backups and school projects on there.

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