Barnes & Noble's Nook Delayed Again, Online Orders Slip Later into 2010



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I want to get one of these for my wife. While I prefer good ol' paperbacks. She reads books so fast we can't keep them in stock in our house. With an e-reader she'd be able to just go online and download one.

From the little research I've done (correct me if I'm wrong) even though the Kindle is proprietory meaning you can only read books downloaded from Amazon. Isn't it the better option? I'm under the impression that there are more books to choose from on Amazon than B&N (based on a couple quick searches for my favorite Fantasy authors) and the books are cheaper on Amazon than B&N. Plus no taxes on Amazon?

Am I correct in my initial assumptions? 

Of course with the Nooks delay the Kindle appears to be the only option if I want it by X-Mas.




 To samduhman's question re restrictions on sources for books for the Kindle.

  No, you can download books from places like, and a few other places.   The downloads can be direct to the Kindle due to Whispernet capabilities and that doesn't cost extra.  The first two are free-books, mainly -- in MOBI format (or 'Prc'), which are readable on the Kindle.

  Project Gutenberg books number almost 30,000, are public domain and well-formatted.  A catalog can be put on your Kindle for searching and browsing, and a simple click downloads a file to your Kindle.  If you prefer, downloads can go to the computer.  No added cost on these either.

  - Andrys

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