Barnes & Noble Slashes Nook HD and HD+ Prices for Mother's Day



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'Don't know about this new Nook, but the original Nook Color is next to impossible to brick. It always tries to boot from the SD card slot first. Great tablet to play with.



Also interesting that the Nook has an external SD card slot, while the Kindle, Nexus and iPad do not. Has a nice resolution for the price, too.



Unfortunately, it looks like they couldn't resist the urge to come up with a proprietary connector for this - something that the Kindle and Nexus devices don't have. I'm not finding a lot of ROMs on this either. I might pass on this one, though $180 for a 9" tablet sure looks tempting.


The Mac

With the addition of Google play, that hd+ 32gig looks mighty tasy...

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