Barnes & Noble Reportedly Prepping 8GB Nook Tablet with Lower Price Tag



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The 7 inch Tablets aren't 7 inch Tablets, they're 7 inch E-Book readers with LCD displays. They lack several of the basic modern amenities which distinguish modern tablets. The Android Marketplace, App Side-Loading, Root Access, and a whole bunch more. Tablets are about Freedom. These severely crippled devices are about getting you to buy more from amazon or B&N. The only reason to buy either is to install either Stock ICS or CM9 on it, in which case such issues like factory partitioning become moot.

B&N could easily create a single partition to hold both user and B&N content. Amazon could easily keep the google app store. Either of them could easily sell an Android Tablet, instead they sell e-readers.



Dammit, this makes it so much more tempting. The expandable micro sd slot and more memory makes this a better option than the Fire imho.



They could price them at $70, and I'd still buy the eInk versions instead. For most folks, 7" budget tablets are a solution without a problem.

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