Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet is Official, Launches November 17 for $249



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Well now this is interesting. For $50 more than the Kindle Fire, I appear to be getting more memory, more options to expand memory, a better display, bettery battery life, and a few other things. I am considering cancelling my Kindle Fire pre-order and going with the Nook Tablet now.

This is my first use of anything Android. Can I download apps to the Nook from anywhere (like the Andriod Market) or can I only get them through B&N?



If this is anything like the original Nook Color, it will be very easy to hack.  Off the shelf, it's likely that you'll be only able to get apps from B&N.  Once you've rooted the tablet, you should be able to get apps from anywhere you want.  The original Nook Color was also very easy to reset to factory default if needed.  This new version will likely be the same.







On the Android smartphones I have used installing apps from outside sources is pretty easy. There is a setting which by default blocks doing that, but it is simple to just enable installing from outside sources by changing the setting. Then you can download apps (usually compressed into a .apk file) from anywhere you trust. Once the file is on the device, just ' open' the file to install.



Thanks for the info guys. One thing that stood out to me is that Amazon never said they would have Netflix as an installable app. I was just assuming it would be there. Another article pointed out how Netflix can be considered as a competative app to Amazon's movie downloads. I am not rolling the dice on them having Netflix support. I cancelled my pre-order with Amazon and I am going with the Nook. The fact that the Nook Color was easily rooted makes this all the more appealing.



nice. now, do I go with a Fire or Nook? better yet, do I decide to get an ereader when most texts before 2007 have been poorly scanned?

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