Barnes & Noble Banks on Upcoming Nook Video Service to Compete with Amazon



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I have been thinking about getting one myself. I especially want to see "the Dark Night" I have seen "the Dark Knight" perhaps this is a more child friendly version :)



Me too. Really like it.



I have been following kindle fire and launch of windows 8 surface tablets. This is a no contest. Buy the windows 8 surface style products. You can be an amazon prime member and download movies to your windows device, you can download books. Most importantly unlike the Amazon kindle software you can do real work on the microsoft tablet and it has a keyboard. So go on the airplane in tablet mode and watch movies and read books, once at home or in hotel check email and work with included keyboard using microsoft outlook, and all the other products needed to work. This is a no brainer and Barns and Noble are too late to the party. I trust Amazon more to give me more movies, music, products to buy and selection. This is a contest Barnes and Noble has been losing and they are going to go out the hard way broke and bankrupt I am afraid. Oh by the way same thing applies to the Ipad why buy that when the surface or its competitors running windows does everything it does and more? Only possible apple device to have is an ipod the new touch has its uses.



The problem with the Nook isn't that it's not amazingly better than all the competitors. It's that people are Stupid.


I Jedi

Does anyone know of anyone that owns a Nook?



'Bought a Nook Color about 18 months ago. 'Nice, respectable little toy.

Since then, I've replaced with a Transformer Prime (considerably better but considerably more expensive).

I just don't see how B&N will be successful against the Amazon juggernaut. Much as I respect the Nooks and their expandability (can you put a MicroSD into a Kindle? 'Honestly don't know), most folks won't/don't care enough for that feature to tilt the scales.


Peanut Fox

I don't. I know several people with Kindles.

I've been considering the Kindle Paper White myself. Nothing wrong with the Nook. It's just that Amazon's branding is so much stronger.



yup... me....

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